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Chapter 19

Truth OR Dare Part 2

"Okay everyone, for this round its only dares and whoever fails to complete their dare has to spend the night camping outside. Alright, who wants to pick out of the hat first?" Mike asked as he he shook the names up a bit. Terri raised his hand excitedly before he stuck it into the hat. He read the slip before letting out a whoop of joy. "Who'd you get?"

"Squishy." Terri stated and said monster's eyes immediately widened. "I dare you to go into the bathroom, turn off all the lights, and say Scary Mary three times in the mirror."

"Noo!" Belicia yelled as she tackled the smaller monster into a hug. "We can't let him play that! Its real! I watched it happen on Supernocturnal!"*

"That's a TV show. Everything on there is fake and it doesn't make any sense." Sulley stated as he drank from yet another can of soda. SLAP! "Ow! What the hell was that for?!"

"For letting your adorable friend become another one of Mary's victims!"

"What victims!?"

"The ones that end up dead on the floor with empty eye sockets! She takes her claws and gouges them out slowly and painfully! Can you imagine what would happen if she saw Squishy?! He has five eyes! She'll probably attack him before he can finish saying her name!" Thunk! They all turned to the sound only to see Squishy passed out on the floor. Everybody gasped before Chip started to try and wake the smaller monster up while Celia fanned him with a magazine. "W-What happened!?"

"You scared him so bad that he passed out is what happened!"

"Shut up James!"

"Ugh..." The two bickering cousins turned back to Squishy as he sat up with a groan. There were sighs of relief heard around the room before Squishy spoke. "Um...can I just go camping?"

"Yeah you can go camping and if no one else bails, I'll join you." Chip stated as he gave him a side hug. "Now you pick from the hat."

"Okay, thanks Chip." Squishy said more cheerfully as he picked a name. "Uh Celia, I dare you to drink pickle juice."

"Aw man, why pickles?" Celia mumbled as everyone scurried into the kitchen. Sulley rummaged through the fridge before he pulled a half full jar of pickles. He took out a cup before pouring some of the slightly green liquid into the glass. "Ew."

"Drink up." Sulley teased as he handed the glass to her. She eyed the liquid a bit before putting on a stern face and downing the cup. She stuck her tongue out in disgust but held the cup up triumphantly. Mike clapped ecstatically for her while everybody else cheered in delight. "Woo!"

"Blegh...that was disgusting."

"That's my girl! Now how about some ice scream to get the taste out of your mouth." Mike suggested as he led Celia over to the freezer to pick a flavor. "Any kind you want."

"Aww, thank you Micheal." Celia said as she planted a kiss to his forehead.

"Alright, your turn to pick." Squishy said as he handed the hat to Celia. She put down her bowl of ice scream before pulling out a slip of paper and giggled a bit as she read the name before quickly thinking up a dare.

"Sulley," Celia said as the polka dotted monster rubbed his hands in excitement. "I dare you to go outside and yell at the top of your lungs 'I am woman hear me ROAR!'."

"Seriously?" Sulley whined as Celia nodded. He gave out a small groan before stomping out of the house and into the middle of the street. Nobody was outside at the moment so he took a deep breath and shouted, "I am woman, hear me ROAR!"

Everyone at the door was either leaning on each other or the door frame from laughing so much. Sulley just glowered at them before he let out an actual roar. They all immediately shut up, except for Belicia who was still cackling away. "Oh man, I should have recorded that! Haha!"

"Shut up B! Or else I'll tell everyone about the pigeon incident."

"...You wouldn't dare."

"Try me."

"Uh guys, the game." Chip said as he held up the hat. The two cousins glared at one another as they walked back inside and took their seats. "Your pick Sulley."

Without looking away, Sulley reached in and pulled out a slip of paper. He unfolded it with one hand before looking away slightly to read. His eyes widened a bit before a mischievous grin worked its way onto his face. "Oh this game just got so much better."

"Who'd you get?"

"My dear sweet cousin, Belicia."

"Aw crap." The cat monster muttered as Sulley thought up different dares "Alright what do you want me to do? Wear underwear on my head?"

"Nope, I dare you to draw and sign your name on Johnny's face."


"I really hate you right now." Belicia growled as her, Sulley, and Chip made their way over to the ROR house. "Why do I have to sign my name?!"

"Because I dared you to, and if you don't, you have to camp outside." Sulley stated as they tiptoed up the front steps of the house. "You got the marker?"

"Yeah I got the stupid marker."


"Sshh! I'm about to open the door." Chip whispered as he turned the door knob. He skillfully opened the door to keep it from creaking and ushered the two inside. "Okay, first I'll check the living room then I'll check his room. Try to be quiet so you don't wake up the others."

"Okay." Sulley whispered back with a grin as Chip left them at the front door. "You ready B?"

"Shut up." The feline mumbled as Chip returned with a snicker. "Well?"

"Okay, good news. He fell asleep on the couch so we don't have to go up stairs. C'mon." Chip stated as he pulled them along. The ROR president was indeed fast asleep on the couch, his chest slowly moving up and down. "Go for it."

The two pushed her towards the couch and she slowly made her way over to him. She uncapped the marker and contemplated what to draw. "Hmm..."

Johnny, at that point, had woken up slightly from all the annoying whispering. He opened his eyes slightly and saw Belicia standing above him. At first he was confused until she slowly started leaning towards him. 'W-What is she doing? Is she gonna try and kiss me? ...I'm not gonna pass this up.'

As she leaned forward more and raised the marker, she didn't notice Johnny lift his arm. He quickly pushed her head closer until their lips were touching in a kiss. Belicia froze in place, not expecting that at all. It would have lasted longer, but Sulley suddenly ran over, punched Johnny in the forehead, and carried his cousin away. Johnny rubbed at his head as heard the slam of the door and footsteps at the stairs. The lights flashed on as Javier made his way over to him. "Que paso?"

"...I have no idea, but it was awesome."

"Oh my god! That was crazy!" Chip laughed as they ran through Frat Row back to the OK house. "The sneak attack kiss and then you punched him! That was like it was from a movie or something!"

"It felt like a dream to me." Belicia sighed happily from Sulley's shoulder, playing with one of her braids.

"Eugh! Just stop talking about it before I hurl." Sulley complained as they walked through the front door. Everyone looked at them expectantly but Sulley just sat him and his cousin down before grabbing a bag of chips. "We are not talking about it."

"Why?" Mike asked, taking in his friend's angry pout. "What happened?"

"I said we're not talking about it." Sulley growled out slightly before shoving the hat in front of Belicia. "Pick a name already."

As Belicia started choosing a name, everyone else looked at Chip expectantly. He glanced over at Sulley and whispered, "I'll tell you all later."

"Got one!" Belicia cheered as she snapped out of her dreamy state and back into her gaming mode. "Terri! I dare you to take a selfie with one of the JOX-"

"That shouldn't be to hard." Terri said as him and his brother stood up. 'We'll be-"

"Ah, ah, ah. I didn't finish. Take a selfie with one of the JOX while they are sleeping."


"Why do I have to get dragged into these things?"

The twins carefully made their way around the back of the JOX house. They had to avoid trash and Christmas lights that littered the floor. They soon made it to the backdoor where, upon closer inspection, was unlocked. Terri silently cheered as they shuffled their way inside and into the living room. There they found the JOX asleep in front of the tv. "Let's get a pic with Roy."

"Alright, lets just get this over with." Terry mumbled as they took their phone out of their sweater pocket and tiptoed over to the couch. Roy was snoring fast asleep with his arm over his face. They stood over the couch and held the camera in front of them. "You ready?"

"Yeah, take the picture."

They both smiled cheerily at the camera when their was a bright light that stunned them. They blinked their eyes rapidly as they heard a small grunt from behind. They turned quickly to see Roy stir slightly on the couch. "Damn, I forgot to turn off the flash."

"Are you crazy!? They could have woken up!"

"Shh! Don't talk so loudly."

"Well its true!"

There was another grunt as Roy started to sit up. The two froze in place as he stretched his arms out and yawned loudly. "Who keeps talking while I'm trying to get some damn sleep?"

As he stood up, it was then that the twins bolted for the kitchen and tried to get out the way they came. That plan was put to a halt, however, when they saw Dirk snacking at the table. They back peddled it into the hallway where they saw a window. They desperately tried to pry it open as they heard Roy's footsteps coming closer. They gave one final yank and nearly broke the glass from how hard it slammed open. They jumped out and hastily closed it just as Roy passed by to head to the bathroom. "That was close!"

"No kidding!" Terry grumbled as he smacked his twin over the head. "Let's get out of here."

When they stumbled through the front door they immediately locked it behind them and made their way back to the others. "Phew! Okay, we got the picture."

"Well lets see it." Belicia said excitedly as she scooted closer. The phone loaded the picture and everyone was able to see. It showed the twins smiling cheerfully with Roy passed out on the couch. "Wow, bonus points for using the flash."

"That was an accident." Terry stated as he sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck. "Roy actually woke up and we had to sneak out."

"Nice. So nobody caught you?"

"Nope! It was so cool! I felt like a spy." Terri said excitedly as Mike took the phone into his hands. "They'll never know that we were in there."

"I wouldn't be to sure about that." Mike stated as he zoomed into the corner of the picture. You could see a half asleep Omar looking questioningly at the camera. "Someone saw you."


"Uh oh." Naomi said as she studied the picture. "Maybe they don't know it was you. The flash always blinds you anyway."

"Well I'm not taking any chances. We're not going anywhere near the other JOX until we can be sure that they forgot about the whole thing." Terry stated as he took the phone back. "And I'm deleting this picture."

"Okay, well let's just keep playing." Mike suggested as he passed the hat over to Terri. He grabbed the first name at the top and unraveled the paper.

"Alright, I got Chip." Terri stated with a grin. "You're into video games right?"

"Yeah, why?" Chip asked hesitantly.

"I dare you to login to your favorite video game and let one of us do whatever we want with your account for at least three minutes."

"What?! But my avatar's at level 50! I don't want any of you guys messing it up."

"Don't worry, its just for a few minutes."


"You have a MineCrawl account?" Squishy questioned as Chip quickly typed in his username and password. "How come you never told me? I love this game."

"Didn't know you played." Chip said as he made his avatar walk over to his house. "Alright, who's gonna play?"

"I pick...Art." Terri said before laughing at Chip's expression. "You gotta go through with the dare dude."

"I know, I know. Do you know how to play Art?"

"No, but how hard could it be?" Art laughed as he hopped up onto the chair and started to mash random buttons. Onscreen the avatar was running in circles and zigzags before it fell into a small pit. He tried jumping out but it was to deep. "What do I do now? I'm stuck."

"You click the mouse and you can chop away the dirt." Chip explained as he demonstrated and made stairs for the avatar to climb up out of. "There."

"Oh cool!" Art then proceeded to chop everything in sight, from trees to animals. After a while the sky in the game began to grow dark and Chip started to panic. Several pale creatures began to appear. "What are those?"

"Uh oh. Quick, get inside the house!"

"But I'm already in the house."

"The house in the game! Hurry!"

Art had the avatar run around a hill when more of the pale creatures got in the way. He panicked a bit and jumped up into a tree to keep safe. "Phew! Now what do I do?"

"Uh, I guess just stay there until your time is up. How much longer Mike?"

"Just another minute and the dare is over." Mike said as he held up a stopwatch. Chip nodded before he felt something pull at his sweater. He looked down and saw Squishy pointing urgently at the screen. He turned and let out a small yell of panic at what he saw. "What? What happened?"

"Its a Stickman!" Chip stated in a panic as it steadily made its way over to the avatar. "Run!"

"O-Okay!" Art yelled in a panic as he smashed the forward button to run away. Everyone was panicking as the Stickman and the pale creatures started to catch up to him. There was a chorus of yelps as the screen flashed red and the avatar died. "Oops."

"Noo! All my items!"


"Aw man, I hate Stickmen." Squishy stated as Chip mourned over his 'loss'. "I could help you get it all back later if you want."

"Really? Thanks Squishy, your the best." Chip stated as he pulled the smaller monster into a hug. "Alright let me sign off and then I'll pick a name."

Once everybody was seated again, Chip picked out a name and cheered in delight. "Yes! I can get my revenge!"

"Revenge on who?"

"Revenge on him!" Chip stated as he pointed at the twins, specifically Terri. "I dare you to do a handstand for 60 seconds."

"But didn't Belicia already pick my name?" Terri asked as he nodded in the direction of the feline. "Selfie with Roy, remember?"

"Oh I know, I picked your brother's name."


"You always get us into trouble."

The twins stood up and walked into an empty part of the room. They glanced at each other questioningly before shrugging and placing their hands on the floor. They used their tentacles to kick off of the wall and managed to do a handstand for a few seconds before the fell backwards onto their back. "Ouch. Did we do it?"

"Nope. 60 seconds dude." Chip stated as he glanced at clock on the wall. "That was like five."

"Well I'm not doing that again. My neck is too long and our arms can't reach over it that well." Terry stated as he rubbed at his head. "I don't want to end up breaking a horn."

"Aww, c'mon! I don't want to camp outside!"

"And I didn't want to take a selfie with the JOX but I did anyway." Terry stated, ending the argument. Terri gave a small pout but complied. Terry reached into the hat and pulled out a name. "Hmm, Art. I dare let all the girls style your hair however they want."

"Really?! Okay!" Art said excitedly as the girls clapped happily. A few minutes later, each one of them had gathered different hairstyling products to use and got to work. A lot of hairspray was used, resulting in a lot of coughing from the boys. After a few tweaks here and there, the girls stepped back and let everyone marvel at their work. Art's hair was in an array of elegant curls and was topped off with a bright blue bow. He glanced a himself in the mirror and went starstruck. "I love it."*

"Wow, you look great." Sulley said hiding a snicker as everyone snapped pictures of their purple friend. "You get to pick now."

"Right!" He grabbed the top name and quickly read it. "Mike! I dare you to...uh...write song in one minute!"

"Wait! One minute?!" Mike asked, slightly panicking. He did not have good experiences with camping or sleeping outside. "B-But-"

"Starting now!"

"Wha-But-...uh...You and me, m-me and you,...both of us together!"*

"That's it?" Sulley asked as the minute ended. "That's your song?"

"I'd like to see you do better in one minute!"

"I think its pretty catchy." Chip stated as he started to hum the short tune. "I like it."

"Well I loved it." Celia said as she pulled Mike close to her. "Could it be our song Micheal?"

"O-Of course! I'll sing it to you whenever you ask." Mike said as she kissed him on the cheek. Several 'aww's sounded from the around the room before Mike the last name in the hat. "Naomi. I dare you to exchange an item of clothing with the person on your right."

The PNK girl quickly turned to see the twins staring wide eyed at her. She let a small smirk come onto her face before she took hold of one of their hands and quickly stood. "We'll be rights back."

"A-Are you sure about this Naomi?" Terry asked as they walked down the hallway. "You know you d-don't have to do it."

"Yeah, I know." She stated with a giggle. They stopped in front of the bathroom door that Naomi quickly entered. "Take off that sweater and give me a minute."

"Okay but-" She closed the door on them and they were left in the darkness of the hallway. They glanced at each other before they removed their sweater and waited patiently. "This is awkward."

"Yeah...It's gonna get even more awkward though."


Before Terry could answer, the door opened a crack and Naomi peeked her head out. She extended her hand out and handed them her PNK shirt. "Here you go."

Terri took the shirt into his hand as Terry handed her their sweater. She quickly shut the door again for privacy. The twins stared at the shirt in their hands and briefly wondered how they were gonna put it on. "Is this what you were talking about?"

"Yep." In the end, the two just wrapped it around their necks like a scarf. It was soft and smelled like vanilla.

The door creaked and fully opened to show Naomi in their sweater. It was very baggy on her and the two bottom sleeves just hung down loosely. She laughed a bit at what they had decided to do with her shirt and stepped into the hall. "I'll give you points for creativity."

"Wow, you look really cute in that." Terri stated as she twirled around in their clothes. "You should wear more often."

"Hehe, thanks. I think I might just keep it too. It really warm and comfy."

"C'mon, let's get back to the living room. The others are probably still waiting." Terry said as he wrapped one of his arms around Naomi and started to walk down the hall.

"Haha! Oh my gosh!" Belicia cackled as the couple walked out of the hallway. "That looks so funny!"

"It would probably look hilarious if you and Johnny switched clothes then." Sulley stated earning another pillow to the face. "Its true!"

"Shut up James!"

"I think it looks really cute." Celia said as the sat down with their arms around each other. "You look like a couple who would truly do anything for each other."

"Thank you Celia." Naomi said as she let out a loud yawn. "Man, what time is it?"

"I don't know but it's pretty late." Chip stated as he glanced over at the pillow fort. Squishy and Art were already snuggled together inside. "Those two passed out a while ago."

"We should all get to sleep too." Mike suggested as he glanced at the clock. "We can continue this party tomorrow."

There was a chorus of 'goodnight's as everyone settled down for some much needed rest.

"So when are we gonna put this plan into action Boss?" Danny asked as he leaned against the metal doorway to the leader's private room.

"Its still too soon. I want to see what else I can use against him." The larger reptile stated as he shuffled through some papers and photos. "Patience."

"Right, patience." Danny said as he walked away and into the larger area of the warehouse. He looked over his shoulder to make sure he was out of earshot before he continued. "Patience my tail. Let's just kick him while he's down so that he stays down...That's actually a pretty good idea."

He quickly let out a shrill whistle to let his main group of reptiles know that he was calling them. "Hey boys! I got a job for us!"

- In case you didn't get the joke, its supposed be like Supernatural.

-MineCraft, if you didn't get the joke.

-Just think of Beauty and the Beast, when the Beast was getting ready for his date.

-Please tell me you guys remember this from the first movie.

Thanks to everyone who sent in different dares to use! Oh yeah, and just so you all know, I have picked out the three OCs that will be in my story. I want to say thanks to all of you who submitted your characters, you all have very creative minds. Don't feel bad if I didn't choose yours, it just that I needed characters to fit in a certain position in my story. Hopefully there will be no hard feelings. Finally, I would like congratulate those whose OCs I picked. I'm not saying who yet, so you'll just have to read the next chapter. Thanks everyone!

Don't forget to R&R!

Life As A ROR Chapter 19
If you want to read the more, the other chapters are on my profile.
Foxy the Pirate by InvaderAllieNinja
Foxy the Pirate
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Freddy Fazbear
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If you have any ideas for dares for these guys, just leave it in the comments. Thanks everyone!
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